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We could have gone months without a proper introduction. Allow me to introduce my myself in the trendiest way possible. Let’s indulge in a Leveridged q+a! Get to know me better, the person behind the writings on Leveridged.

Robyn, she’s Fabulous! #FACTS

I’ve shared so many stories from my unique 20 year old life and plan to continue with lots more, assuming that life’s daily spontaneity spreads thick on my toast. We are having our Genesis moment. It’s Wednesday which means new post days on Leveridged and it’s September! Fashion month, the beginning of the fashion year. HAPPY NEW YEAR trend setters and taste makers. I humbly look forward to 2020 for elevated style and designer trends. With that, it’s only right to start this Q +A of with some fashion questions.

My girls asked me some questions under fashion, beauty, travel and wellness. I have all the A’s for their Q’s.

Let’s talk fashion!

S.E – “at what age did you develop a passion for fashion and styling?”

“I’m not sure of the age right now.”

I could have been late 6 or early 7. I remember my brother wasn’t born yet, but he was on the way. I remember earlier on my mom would dress me in matching sets, or at least I preferred it matching and they were always fun colours, as you would dress a 6 yo. It would always be tights and a t-shirt. She always dressed me in outfits because I’ve always had a lot of clothes. But the little tights and t-shirts are the first real styling memory I have because as I said, my baby bro was about to come in the picture so I had to learn to howto dress myself by picking my clothes where I continued making outfits.

I would always pull for my matching tights and t-shirts. I would be in bright pink, blue, yellow or mix and matched. I always thought I was a fashionista because at that early age I fell in love with monochrome dressing and colour blocking. Something I’ve stayed true to, to this day.

S.E – “so what excite’s you about the industry?”

… the clothes.

I love the intricacies and details found in garments. My father was a designer and he would sew his pieces, things I saw first hand. I saw the bts of the industry. An organic starting point, from fabric choice to thread and needle type.

From there I would take my old socks or old fabric from his work floor and and make outfits for my dolls. My toys were the best dressed! but to be able to see how a sock can be transformed into a maxi dress or a matching set really excited me because I was creating. I made the decision of turning the skirt into an off the shoulder gown or a beach cover up. It’s the endless possibilities, intricacies and details behind building the items of clothing that excites me.

Everyone knows red bottoms and Amina Muaddi has stolen our hearts with her new heel trend, while SJP added strips of ribbon to the back of each shoe. I will always admire the differences and unique design in an item as well.

S.E – “Amina Muaddi? SJP? how do you always stay up to date with the latest trends?”

Right now instagram is the best place to catch the latest trends in terms of finding new designers like Amina. I stumbled onto her profile after seeing her designs on my explore, then realised some other fashion girls have fallen for her shoes too so I was like she’s in.

“This style is in. “

And it definitely was. Within weeks everyone had her heels from Rihanna to Kendall J and Sel.xo. I mean with designer trends I watch the shows and decipher the trends. It’s a lot of shows from a lot of houses and brands so I read fashion sites for what’s in and what’s not when I need more. The fashion world is big and I can’t maneuver it all by myself so I use the tools around me to tap in where I might have blanked out previously.

S.E – “Rihanna and Kendall have 2 diff styles, which celebrity style influences you the most?”

I could never choose one but the one that I turn to the most in recent times is Kylie. She mixes sex and fashion very well. I find myself going through her looks to see how she and her stylist piece looks together. Her team styles her in the way I appreciate. They always serve us a look. A whole moment. Like her 21st bday look was barbie-like with her Swarovski jumpsuit and platinum pony . Jump forward to her recent brown carpet look where she wore all white playing into her being Travis’s “wifey.”

That girl rocks her style.

I follow a lot more style influencers like Kendall and Rihanna but that changes with the season. Today I might be into Kylie and tomorrow it’s Sel.xo and the next it’s Becks and Olivia Palermo. I don’t care if you are a celebrity or monk, from you have unique style i’m into it.

S.E – “influencers and personal stylists hold more permanent spots in fashion now, do you think there is room for improvement in the industry?”

Yes. My mantra is to always be evolving. Learn from your past to prepare for your future. The industry has evolved tremendously from it’s European beginnings and still has a lot more to do to fill everyone’s needs.

Any strong industry can find ways to improve.

I mean times are changing and they have to fit in with the time.

“I’ve seen great change.”

They’ve just started to praise influencers and bloggers. 2 or 3 years ago they were the worst thing to happen. They were fought by the industry for FROW bragging rights.

Now, editors and bloggers are hand in hand, smiling walking to the shows.

The industry is now dealing with sustainability and how we as consumers can do more by buying less, which I’m all about. and how designers are finding efficient ways of creating and merchandising items. The issues that will come up will always be deeper than onlookers understand. They are heaviest at the management level, global management. Bigger than you and me.

I’ve shared so many stories and you’ve always come back for more. Hoping that the interests continues. I’m answering S.W beauty and wellness questions tomorrow. see what the fuck I say.

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